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Tokyo Ghoul: Manga x Anime


the joke almost killed him tho

Anonymous asked: weren't you making a mask for kaneki ken, or was that another cosplayer i follow? w he e ze. if youre actuall the one that was making it, how did you go about making a pattern for it?



That’s me!

For patterning, I tightly wrapped the lower half of my face in plastic wrap and packing tape (BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR MOUTH OR NOSE OPEN FOR BREATHING. In fact, having a friend help you here is so much better). I cut that open from the back, then snipped away at it until I had flat pattern pieces. Two for the front, an under-chin piece, then two for the neck. Then I made a copy in paper and made sure I could tape it together smoothly:

And that’s your pattern! Basically I just drafted the pattern directly onto my face.

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